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Khaiwal RavindraKhaiwal Ravindra is currently working as ‘Scientist’ in ‘Centre for Atmospheric and Instrumentation Research (CAIR)’, University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. He also holds an official position of ‘special academic personnel’ at University of Antwerp, Belgium.

Ravindra has an outstanding academic record and obtained a Doctor of Science (DSc) degree with a specialization in Analytical Chemistry / Environmental Sciences from University of Antwerp, Belgium. He has authored more than 35 peer reviewed articles including original research papers, reviews and book chapters. Some of his articles are listed as highly cited by ‘ISI Web of Science’. His articles are citied over 500 times and he has a HIRSCH factor of ‘13’ based on Scopus, ISI and other sources. He wrote/edited 4 books in the field of ‘Environmental Sciences’.

Ravindra has received several awards and scholarships in the field of ‘Environmental Science and Engineering’. Recently he has won an ‘Environmentalist of the Year 2007: Around the Globe’ award by the National Environmental Science Academy (NESA), India. His research interests involve air quality monitoring, concentration trends, chemical and source characterization, method development, health risks and mitigation policies for air pollutants; including global climate change and environmental impact assessment.

He has already worked on several international projects such as InterREG,
EXPER/PF, ENVIRISK, and CAIR4HEALTH. Currently he is working on HENVINET, MEGAPOLI, TRANSPHORM and other European Union projects. Ravindra is serving various international journal and grant commission as a referee and is also a member of editorial board of ‘International Journal of Environment and Waste Management’, ‘Air, Soil and Water Research’ ‘Forum Geographic’, ‘Journal of Environmental Biology (IF:1.4)’ and ‘Environmental Monitoring and Assessment (IF:1.1)’.

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